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Navigating today's intricate tax code can prove to be an arduous task, often leading to more uncertainties than resolutions. The complexity of the system can leave you bewildered, regardless of whether you hold a straightforward W-2 job or boast a multifaceted return encompassing schedules E, D, and/or C.

In the current landscape, a substantial number of individuals and small enterprises opt for the expertise of professional tax preparers to guide them through the intricacies of tax preparation. Even if your return appears straightforward, the regulations undergo yearly modifications, making it easy to overlook these changes and inadvertently submit an inaccurate return. Undertaking your tax responsibilities independently could also result in missed deductions and credits

Enter Walker Tax & Bookkeeping— a beacon of proficiency poised to assist you in the preparation of your taxes, while simultaneously minimizing your tax obligations through meticulous strategizing.

Amplifying the Advantage: Walker Tax Firm's prowess extends further through our comprehensive tax planning services.

Tax Planning & Enlightening Insights: Tax planning stands as a cornerstone, facilitating the ethical reduction of tax liabilities. Beyond ensuring your business adheres to tax norms, we provide innovative tax-saving strategies designed to optimize your post-tax earnings.

For further insights into our virtual tax preparation and planning services, connect with us at (651) 408-5189 or via our contact details.


Your path to optimized tax management starts here.

Basic Returns

Preparing a basic tax return with a W-2 and a couple 1099s involves organizing income details from the W-2 job and various 1099 sources like retirement distributions.. Deductions and credits are factored in to compute accurate taxes. The process ensures compliance, accurate reporting, and potential refunds.


Sole Proprietor (Schedule C)

Used to report business income and deductible expenses, we prepare a schedule C using information you provide to most accurately calculate the net profit or loss for self employed business. We look to help guide you so that you can easily adhere to tax regulations. The ultimate aim is to provide an accurate representation of the business's financial performance, optimizing deductions and minimizing tax liability while ensuring compliance with tax laws.


Dispositions of Assets  (Schedule D)

We convert and combine your various 1099s and transaction reports into a Schedule D to show your gains or losses, derived from the sale of assets like stocks or real estate. Considering purchase and sale dates, cost basis, and selling price, while accounting for factors like short-term versus long-term holding periods we convey your reported transactions through this form. The objective is to accurately calculate the net capital gain or loss, ensuring proper tax reporting and compliance with all relevant tax regulations.


Rental Property (Schedule E)

We prepare a Schedule E to outline the diverse sources of passive income and losses from rental entities. Using your supplied information we look to ensure accurate calculations of net income or loss. The goal is to provide a comprehensive overview of passive income activities, optimize deductions, and guarantee adherence to tax regulations while accurately reflecting your financial scenario.

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