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We use industry standard pricing. Pricing can and does increase with the complexity of  a return and additional services needed to prepare a return.

1040 + One State Tax Preparation Service

  • Single Base Fee: $275

  • Married Filing Joint Base Fee: $310

  • Married Filing Separate Base Fee (each): $225

  • Head of Household Base Fee: $300


Small & Individual Businesses (Schedule C)

  • Per Business Schedule C: $300

  • End of Year Bookkeeping: $125/hr


Rental Property (Schedule E)

  • Per Property Schedule E: $100

  • End of Year Bookkeeping: $125/hr


Other Possible Add-Ons

  • Per Form K-1: $50

  • Form 1099-DIV/INT/B: Varies on complexity

  • Additional State Returns: $50

  • Crypto: Varies on complexity

  • Extensive Itemized Deductions or Specialized Credits: Varies on complexity

The above are the base fees for the situations we see most frequently. If your situation is more complex; for example, if you have sold stocks, crypto, have K-1 forms, interest, dividends, itemize your deductions, have adjustments, retirement account contributions or distributions, multiple states, credits, or other deductions, your return would be considered complex and your fee may exceed the base fee.

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